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What is an MOT

An MOT (Ministry of Transport) test is a crucial annual inspection for vehicles over three years old in the UK. This test ensures that your car meets the minimum road safety and environmental standards set by the government. During an MOT, various components of your vehicle are thoroughly checked, including the brakes, lights, tyres, steering, and exhaust systems. These inspections help identify any issues that could compromise your car’s safety or performance, ensuring that only roadworthy vehicles are driven on public roads.

The MOT test isn’t just a recommendation—it’s a legal requirement. Driving without a valid MOT certificate can lead to serious consequences, including fines of up to £1,000, penalty points on your driving licence, and even the invalidation of your car insurance. Without an MOT, you also can’t renew your road tax, making it illegal to drive your car. These strict regulations highlight the importance of the MOT in maintaining road safety and reducing environmental impact. By ensuring all vehicles on the road meet these standards, the MOT test plays a crucial role in protecting drivers, passengers, and pedestrians alike. Regularly passing an MOT also gives you peace of mind, knowing your vehicle is in good condition and safe to operate.

What Happens if i fail my MOT

Failing an MOT can have a significant impact on your daily life. If your vehicle doesn’t pass the test, it means that one or more components don’t meet the necessary safety and environmental standards. This can range from minor issues that need monitoring or repairing to major faults that require immediate attention. When your car fails its MOT, it cannot be legally driven on public roads, except when going to a pre-arranged repair appointment or back to the testing centre. This restriction can disrupt your routine, making it difficult to commute to work, take the kids to school, or run essential errands.

The financial implications of a failed MOT can also be quite substantial. Depending on the severity of the faults, the cost of repairs to bring your vehicle up to standard can add up quickly. There might also be a re-test fee to ensure your car passes after the repairs are done. Additionally, failing an MOT can affect your vehicle insurance. Driving a car without a valid MOT can invalidate your insurance policy, leading to potential legal and financial issues if you’re involved in an accident. Plus, without a valid MOT certificate, you can’t renew your road tax, and driving without road tax is another legal offence. All these factors highlight the importance of keeping your car in good condition to ensure it passes the MOT, helping you avoid significant personal and financial inconvenience.

How Service Select Keeps You MOT Ready

At Service Select, we understand that choosing the right car service plan can seem difficult, technical, and complicated. That’s why we offer a range of car services, including interim, full, and major services, along with bespoke options for electric and hybrid cars. Our most popular full service includes a thorough 77-point inspection, ensuring your vehicle is in top condition. While we don’t provide MOTs, our comprehensive servicing packages will keep your car MOT ready, making it easier for you to pass your MOT with confidence. Let us handle the complexities of car maintenance so you can enjoy peace of mind on the road.

Car Service Checklist

Our Car service checklist

Car Service Checklist
What We'll Replace
Row 1
Engine Oil
Oil Filter
Air Filter
Cabin Filter
Brake Fluid
Refer to the FAQs for more
For the best experience
Row 1
Check operation of brakes
Check operation of steering
Check for correct gearbox
Check horn
Check mirror condition,
interior and exterior
Check air-conditioning
Report if cabin filter is due to
be replaced according to
mileage (additional charge
Replace cabin filter and
clean out filter housing
Check dash warning lights
Check Seatbelts front and
rear including lap belt
Check operation of all
external locks and handles
Lubricate accessible hinges
For the best experience
Row 1
Check for body damage
Check wheels and trims for
Visual Check for exhaust
Check operation of exterior
Check operation of interior
Remove Road wheels and
check condition of hub faces
Check tyre size and tyre fitted
according to side wall
Check tyre condition and
tread depth, including spare
(if applicable)
Check and adjust tyre
pressures, including spare
(if applicable)
Set wheel nut torque to
manufacturer’s settings
Check wheels for correct
balance, including spare
(if applicable)
Check windscreen wiper
condition / operation
Check rear wiper condition /
operation (if applicable)
Check screen washer
Top up screen washer
Check windscreen for
chips & cracks
Check number plate
Lubricate bonnet catch
For the best experience
Row 1
Drain engine oil and refill
with correct grade, type
and quantity
Replace oil filter
Replace sump plug seal or
report sump plug
replacement if integral
Check for excessive oil leaks
(report any serious leaks)
Check for timing belt
replacement interval & report
if due according to mileage
Check radiator condition,
security and report any leaks
Check Coolant / Radiator cap
Check coolant hoses for leaks,
condition and securing clips
Check condition and tension
of auxiliary drive belt(s)
Replace Air Filter &
clean out housing
Report if Spark Plugs are
due to be replaced
according to mileage
(additional charge applies)
Check and record antifreeze
strength / min temperature
Top up coolant as required
Report if fuel filter is due to
be replaced according to
mileage (additional charge
Check Diesel heater plug
indicator operation
(if applicable)
Check Battery security,
condition and print results
Test alternator charging rate
For the best experience
Row 1
Check & report condition
and security of undertray
Check visual condition of
fuel lines
Check clutch operation and
adjust (if applicable)
Check & Top up clutch fluid
(if applicable)
Check drive shaft gaitors for
security and report leaks
Check gear box for leaks and
report accordingly
Check transfer box and
differential for leaks and
report accordingly
(if applicable)
Check brake pads for wear
or damage
Check brake calipers for
leaks and security
Check foot brake shoes for
wear or damage and adjust
(if applicable)
Check operation of wheel
cylinders and report any
Visual Check of brake
hydraulic system pipes and
Check security of
handbrake linkages and
Check Brake discs / drums
(excluding internal drums)
Check Brake Fluid Level &
Top Up (if required)
Check Brake Servo
Check and report brake fluid
Replace Brake Fluid and
bleed system
Check / top-up power
steering reservoir
(if applicable)
Check steering / suspension
components for wear and
Visual Check of power
steering system
Check steering rack gaitors
Check wheel bearings
Check shock absorber
condition and report on
any serious leaks
Check exhaust system
including catalyst (if fitted)
Visual Check of HT leads
For the best experience
Row 1
Reset vehicle service light,
subject to data & equipment
availability [See FAQ section]
Stamp service book
(indicating a Halfords
Autocentre Menu Service has
been carried out)
Vehicle road test
For the best experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Ford Puma service

The ServiceSelect Vehicle Service Plan is a prepaid service plan that covers specific vehicle services over a set period. Customers can choose from 2-year, 3-year, or 4-year plans, each offering different levels of coverage.

Routine servicing is a requirement for all vehicles. Vehicles have several moving parts which require constant maintenance. Servicing your car may help retain its value and increase the longevity of the vehicle’s reliability. It also ensures your manufacturers or extended warranty remains valid.

The ServiceSelect Vehicle Service Plan is available for most models of vehicles. Speak with one of our representatives to find out if we cover you.

Depending on the service plan you select, for details on service plans please contact one of our friendly advisors.

2-Year Plan: Includes one full service and one interim service.

3-Year Plan: Includes one full service and two interim services.

4-Year Plan: Includes one major service, one full service, and two interim services.

For a detailed list of what each service includes, please visit our website:

Services are performed by our authorised partners, Halfords and National Tyres.

Authorisation and Booking

To schedule a service, contact ServiceSelect to obtain a unique booking code. Provide this code to Halfords when booking your service.

Yes, you can avail services at any nationwide Halfords mechanic.

Customers can choose to pay the full amount upfront or via a 0% finance plan through our third-party payment provider, Premium Credit. Payments can be spread over 12-24 months via direct debit.

Yes, you can cancel your service plan within 14 days of purchase for a full refund, provided no service has been used. If you cancel after 14 days but before any service is used, a 20% cancellation fee will apply. The plan cannot be cancelled after any service has been used.

Any additional work outside the scope of the service plan will be billed directly to you by Halfords and must be paid at the time of service.

Pre-existing faults are not covered unless independent evidence suggests otherwise.

Yes, you can transfer your service plan to a new vehicle, subject to pricing re-evaluation based on the new vehicle’s servicing requirements.

Changes to your plan, such as upgrades or downgrades, must be authorised by ServiceSelect and may result in a revised payment schedule.

For any queries or further information regarding your service plan, please contact our customer support at:


Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions or need further assistance!

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